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Classical: ‘Delusion of the Fury,’ a Dream, Carried Out by Ensemble Musikfabrik + MORE

Harry Partch dreamed up his own instruments, and Ensemble Musikfabrik is bringing them to the Lincoln Center Festival..... More »

From the classical archive May 1856: Clara Schumann - a musical genius of the highest order + MORE

From the classical archive, 20 May 1856: The Manchester Guardian reviews Clara Schumann’s ‘Soiree Musicale’ at the Town HallWe have already had occasion to advert to Madame Schumann’s piano forte playing. The concert of last night affords us another opportunity of noticing her claims to publ.... More »
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Christmas Eve (and Gigli) + MORE

While all of you are busily listening to J.S. Bach or G.F. Handel (and yes, that really is Jon Vickers not quite cleanly negotiating "Every Valley," but it certainly is impressive to hear a sound like that in Handel), I put on my own favorite, very, very secular, Christmas Eve music: .... More »

Daniel Barenboim on ageing, mistakes and why Israel and Iran are twin brothers + MORE

At 73, the conductor is still lobbying presidents and bellowing at the violins in five languages. But has his passion project – an orchestra of players from across the Middle East – achieved any real change? We meet him in Buenos Aires Even now, days later, the very thought of Daniel Barenboim l.... More »

Holiday Opera: WNO's Half-Baked 'Hansel and Gretel' + MORE

Aleksandra Romano (Hansel) and Ariana Wehr (Gretel) in Hansel and Gretel (photo by Scott Suchman for Washington National Opera) Washington National Opera tried two new holiday operas in recent years, and both of them were disappointing flops. It seemed like a good sign that the company was returning.... More »
Win tickets for Roderick Williams recital at Temple Music

To celebrate Temple Music’s new season of recitals at Temple Church and in Middle Temple Hall, we have two tickets to be won for Roderick Williams’ recital with Julius Drake (piano) on 14 November. Roderick Williams and Julius Drake will be performing Brahms’s song cycle Die schone Magelone. Described as one of the most quintessential products of early romanticism in music, the song cycle sets texts from the novel The Wondrous Love Story of the Beautiful Magelone and Count Peter of Provence by Ludwig Tieck (1773-1853), a favourite novel of Brahms’s youth…

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J.Haydn, Three Sonatas , Fantasia in C, Andante con Variazioni,
Yevgeny Sudbin

Sublime Lark

Out of Haydn’s ~62 Keyboard Sonatas, Yevgeny Sudbin picks some of the choicest morsels (47, 53, 60), true. But that’s not the reason why his recital is such a breath of fresh air and tremendously witty success…

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Management at the Minnesota Orchestra released a new contract proposal for musicians aimed at resolving the yearlong lockout. Musicians criticized management for making the offer in public rather than working through independent mediator George Mitchell.

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A Little More on NYCO

– irontongue.blogspot.com

A report in the Times indicates that NYCO had to scramble to come up with their $1.3 million share of the cost of producing Anna Nicole at BAM.Here’s something I wrote about NYCO two years ago:NYCO and the Philadelphia Orchestra are poster children for weak or incompetent administration. At NYCO, the board made at least two terrible mistakes: the appointment of Gerard Mortier, evidently without due diligence about what kind of budget he would want, and the renovation of the NY State Theater at Mortier’s request, which left the company with their usual bills to pay, no place to perform, and no income…

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Nostalgia isn’t what it used to beA nice long read for your weekend perusal, cher public, on that early 20th century diva Frieda Hempel, with special emphasis on her series of “Jenny Lind” recitals, all the musical rage in the 1920s.
“The recreation of Jenny Lind’s first American concert by soprano Frieda Hempel in 1920 was a popular success, but raised a number of questions for critics…

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Philharmonia/Salonen – review

– www.guardian.co.uk

Philharmonia/Salonen – reviewRoyal Festival Hall, LondonSalonen and his outfit delivered a bold rendition of Berlioz’s Shakespeare-based symphonyWagner learned a good deal from the expressive language of Berlioz’s dramatic symphony Romeo and Juliet, but he nevertheless criticised its length and structure. Even in a performance as finely tuned as this season-opening account from the Philharmonia under its newly extended principal conductor, Esa-Pekka Salonen, one or two sections felt awkwardly crafted; yet for all its unwieldiness and the routine text by Emile Deschamps that stands in for Shakespeare, the piece contains some of the most electrifying orchestral writing of the entire 19th century…

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Guildhall SO/Gardner, Milton Court - music reviewMilton Court, London’s newest cultural venue, opened last night with a concert by the Guildhall Symphony Orchestra under Edward Gardner, attended by the Lord Mayor of London. Offering state-of-the-art facilities for students of the Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Milton Court consists of a 608-seat concert hall, two theatres, three rehearsal rooms, a TV studio suite and other spaces for students and public.

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Zimmermann’s 1965 opera is a harrowing reflection on violence and degradation. Who better to stage it, then, than veteran provocateur Calixto Bieito?

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By The Weekend Vote: People have strong feelings on the subject of shoulder rests, and they always have.

I just had a conversation with a violinist who told me that, back in the day, you just weren’t considered a legit soloist if you used a shoulder rest!

But most modern-day soloists and orchestra players do use them…

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Wagner and Schelling in "The Last of the Titans"

– thinkclassical.blogspot.com

Wagner and Schelling in "The Last of the Titans"I have been promising readers a review of Joachim Köhler’s Richard Wagner: The Last of the Titans (TLT)—or, in German Der letzte der Titanen (LDT)—for a while. I doubt that I have the time and inclination to review the whole book at once. Nor would it be practical to write such an in depth review here…

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Minnesota Deadline Approaches

– irontongue.blogspot.com

The Times reports that the Minnesota Orchestra Association has made yet another inadequate offer to its musicians:The new proposal offers the players an annual average salary of $104,500 and a signing bonus of $20,000, made possible by special financing provided by a group of Minnesota foundations and community support organizations…

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Goerne Wigmore Hall Wolf Liszt Haefliger

– classical-iconoclast.blogspot.com

Goerne Wigmore Hall Wolf Liszt HaefligerMatthias Goerne and Andreas Haefliger’s recital at the Wigmore Hall was eagerly anticipated.  Goerne and Haefliger are a Dream Team, who have worked together for about 15 years. In the audience were many who had heard Goerne before he became famous, and some who knew Andreas Haefliger’s father, the tenor Ernst Haeflinger…

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Beethovenfest Bonn 2: Ludwig Lives!

– jessicamusic.blogspot.com

Beethovenfest Bonn 2: Ludwig Lives! Bonn is roughly the size of Cardiff in terms of population (about 350,000). Yet the musical riches within this pleasant and manageable Rhineland city have to be seen to be believed.  The day before my pilgrimage to the house where Schumann died, I visited the one where Beethoven was born, only a short pootle away in the town centre…

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