Free Suite of Music Tools and Resources

On this page you’ll find our suite of music tools and resources, all of which are entirely free to use and designed to be smart phone, tablet and desktop friendly.

We believe that having free, easy access to quality tools and information should be the right of every music student and musician. That’s why we don’t hide these resources behind a ‘members only’ area. Regardless of whether you’re a Stars & Catz student, you’re welcome to use our resources.


Music Research Engine

Type in the name of an artist, band, composer, song etc.


Our Music Research Engine tool is a world first, combining Youtube videos with Wikipedia. By clicking on the links in the Wikipedia articles you can browse deeply into the subject. For example, Moonlight Sonata might lead you to Beethoven and then perhaps to the classical period of music generally—and at every step you will watch the videos and listen to the music related to your search term.



Metronome Image


Piano Chord Finder

Piano Chord Finder Image


Guitar & Ukulele Basic Chord Dictionary

Guitar & Ukulele Basic Chord Dictionary Image


Guitar Chord Finder (comprehensive)

Guitar Chord Finder (comprehensive) Image


Backing Tracks To Jam Along With

Backing Tracks To Jam Along With Image


Basic Guitar Video Lessons

Guitar Video Lessons Image


Downloadable eBook 1

Smart Practice: Strategies & Tips for Adults

Smart Practice: Strategies & Tips for Adult Learners (free eBook) Image


Downloadable eBook 2

Kids + Practice: Making It Easy

Kids + Practice: Making It Easy (free eBook) (free eBook) Image


Inspirational Music Quotes

Inspirational Music Quotes Image


Resource Sheets For Download & Printing

Blank Stave

Blank Stave Sheet Image

Blank Stave & Guitar Tab

Blank Stave & Guitar Tab Sheet Image

Blank Guitar Tab

Blank Guitar Tab Sheet Image

Blank Piano Chord Templates

Blank Piano Chord Templates Sheet Image

Blank Guitar Chord Templates

Blank Guitar Chord Templates Sheet Image

Basic Open Guitar Chords

Basic Open Guitar Chords Sheet Image

Basic Barre Guitar Chords

Basic Barre Guitar Chords Sheet Image

Pentatonic Scale On Guitar

Pentatonic Scale On Guitar Sheet Image

Blues Scale On Guitar

Blues Scale On Guitar Sheet Image

Major Scale On Guitar

Major Scale On Guitar Sheet Image

Natural Minor Scale On Guitar

Natural Minor Scale On Guitar Sheet Image

Major Piano Chords

Major Piano Chords Sheet Image

Minor Piano Chords

Minor Piano Chords Sheet Image

About our free online music tools, apps and downloads

Having access to the right music tools is a vital part of the learning process. It’s all too easy to end a practice session early when you can’t find the right chord for the song or you don’t know where to find a good backing track to improvise along with. We know, and that’s exactly why we put together this suite of free music resources.

All the tools and apps on this page were selected (or created from scratch) after we looked long and hard for the best versions of each tool and learned all we could about the coding involved. Our criteria were ease of use, accuracy and crucially, multi-device compatibility—meaning they had to work on as many mobile and tablet devices as possible.

Here’s what you’ll find in our suite:

1. Music Research Engine—the best tool on the internet for music research. Browse YouTube videos and articles from Wikipedia all in one place. Developed by the Stars & Catz team and the first of its kind anywhere on the web.

2. Metronome—set the tempo and the time signature. Tap the tempo manually if you’d prefer.

3. Piano Chord Finder—the easiest and fastest tool to find the chord you’re looking for on the piano or keyboard.

4. Guitar & Ukulele Basic Chord Dictionary—the first place a beginner to the guitar or ukulele should go. Simple and well organised chord charts.

5. Guitar Chord Finder (comprehensive)—a huge guitar chord dictionary at your fingertips presented with an uncluttered, clean design.

6. Backing Tracks To Jam Along With—great sounding tracks which make your improvisation practice a load of fun. The tracks loop so you won’t be constantly stopping to press play.

7. Basic Guitar Video Lessons—can’t wait to get started on guitar? We’ve got you covered. What are you waiting for?

8. Ebooks on Practice for Adults and Kids—all the tips and tricks we’ve gathered together after years of tuition.

9. Inspirational Music Quotes—these are not to be missed. Take a minute to browse through these quotes… especially if your motivation to practice is waning!

10. Resource Sheets For Download & Printing—piano and guitar chord charts, blank music sheet templates and guitar scales for you to print and keep.