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About our free guitar chord finder

This guitar chord finder is a comprehensive tool for finding almost any chord you might want to play.

Chords are grouped in the drop-down lists by: common (the most used chords) and then by their family based on root notes (the note in the name of the chord). If you play a left handed guitar you can flip this tool around to show the chords that way. It even allows for those of you who have learned to play a guitar held upside down... you wild ones!

There are a couple of quirks that we should note about this online guitar chord dictionary and they are:

1. If you resize the browser window then you will need to refresh this page so that the fret marker dots line up with the right frets and strings.

2. Some of the more advanced chord variations may not be named entirely correctly.

This chord finder app was originally created by Lloyd Hassell and, although we have modified it a little, we basically stuck with the original code for both the good and the bad. The fact is that there is so much to like about this free guitar chord app that the good far outweighs the few inconsistencies.

This tool is easy to use and mobile, tablet and desktop friendly.


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