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This week: concerts in New York (May 25 – May 31, 2015) + MORE

American Immersion | Clemens Gadenstätter The ACFNY teams up with Talea Ensemble to present the third installment of their annual.. Visit I CARE IF YOU LISTEN's Blog to read more!.... More »

Young Composers Catch the Philharmonic’s Ear + MORE

Six young composers survive a competition to have their works played by the New York Philharmonic; three get public performances..... More »

Leave out the cherry + MORE

On this day in 1940 Cole Porter‘s musical Panama Hattie opened at the 46th Street Theatre, to run 501 performances.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DwZU3os1nIw Born on this day in 1896 conductor Antonino Votto http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_vMGLCRY93M Born on this day in 1897 soprano .... More »

We’re halfway + MORE

Another real contrast in styles with conductors numbers three and four in the running order and it came across particularly in the way they approached their respective concertos. First, Jiri Rozen, content to sit back somewhat in the Sibelius, neat in the way he gave his cues, always in control and .... More »

Ensemble. Capably Sung + MORE

J S Bach's St John Passion in Derby Cathedral, heard by Mike Wheeler.... More »

A Dog's Heart – Lyons

– classical-iconoclast.blogspot.com

“If satire is your thing you will not want to miss this opera about human testicles grafted onto a dog.”writes  Michael Milenski in Opera Today about Coeur d’un Chien, or A Dog’s Heart in Lyon.”Raskatov made vulgar music (snorts and farts) and he made music vulgar incorporating liturgical hymns and famous old folk songs into the musical flow of his sensational text (the last line of the first act, shouted by the dog transformed into Communism’s “new man” is “get fucked!” in the libretto, and “lick my dick” in the supertitles)…

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(le)Poisson Rouge’s in-house Ensemble LPR
Since (Le) Poisson Rouge, (LPR) opened in 2008; the venue has established itself as a sure ticket to an unconventional concert experience. LPR’s motto, “serving art and alcohol,” gives some idea of its free-spirited approach.
Now, with the launch of its own ensemble, LPR has further expanded the venue’s ventures into unchartered, artistic territory…

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Elton John to make musical into animation movieElton John’s film company has acquired the film rights to Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s hugely popular musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.    

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Mamoru Samuragochi, an acclaimed deaf Japanese composer whose work is to be played during the Olympics skating competition turns out not to have written the piece and may not even be deaf.

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Watch Now: The Marriage of Figaro - Wichita Grand OperaThere are of course many opera productions available on youtube but this is one of the few made available by a company itself. For that reason alone it merits more than passing attention. Its also a most enjoyable performance and production. More about the company bu clicking: Wichita Grand OperaWolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s “THE MARRIAGE OF FIGARO”Wichita Grand OperaMarch 16, 2013Executive Producer: Parvan BakardievProduction Concept: Margaret Ann PentConductor: Dean WilliamsonDirector: Stanley M…

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TOKYO (AP) — The ghostwriter for the musician lauded as Japan’s Beethoven said Thursday he became fed up and ended their 18-year collaboration last …
Read more: Hiroshima Symphony, Mamoru Samuragochi, Classical Music, Japanese Music, Takashi Niigaki, Japan's Beethoven, Ghost Composer, Arts News

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Fiedler’s score fiddler has gone

– www.artsjournal.com/slippeddisc

Fiedler’s score fiddler has goneRichard Hayman, who used to make arrangements for Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops, has died at 93, a year after his retirment. He founded the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra’s pops concerts and conducted them for three decades in spangly jackets. He was also a&r chief for Mercury Records. Helluva nice guy, say his musicians…

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Food of the gods

– parterre.com

Food of the gods“Treat yourself to the beauty and pageantry that is grand opera at the Metropolitan Opera. Enjoy a luxury experience with a performance of The Enchanted Island…. Includes: 1 glass of champagne or non-alcoholic beverage, and voucher for 1 gourmet brownie dessert and 1 hot beverage” [Amazon Local]

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Lies. Damn Lies. And Classical Marketing.

– lietofinelondon.wordpress.com

Recently two comments about classical music caught my eye in the media.
The first came out of the mouth of Katherine Jenkins as she announced yet another banal and pseudo-classical album. During her press conference at the Ritz no less, she said that “there will always be the core classical critics who want to keep it (classical music/opera) as an elitist thing but I’ve always believed that it should be there for everybody and I want to make it as accessible as possible …”…

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The NY Times reports that the deaf composer Mamoru Samuragochi is, evidently, neither:The ghost composer, Takashi Niigaki, has stepped forward and says he was paid about $70,000 over a period of years for many works that evidently earned a nice living for Samuragochi.Samuragochi can allegedly hear just fine, according to Niigaki.

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Finally Available: The Life of Richard Wagner - Ernest NewmanNewman’s masterful 4 volume Wagner biography The Life of Richard Wagner is, at last, finally available once more. Although, we originally mentioned this reprint nearly two years ago, various issues meant that its publication was delayed. However, it is now finally available to buy; either as an entire set or as a more affordable four separate volumes…

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Everything’s coming up Londonderry“’The People’s Diva’ returns to Symphony Hall for an encore performance of ‘Renee Fleming: Private Recital.’ …. Songs and arias by Wagner, Delibes, Cantaloube and a show stopping rendition of Danny Boy.” [Sirius XM]

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Mamoru Samuragochi has been playing the role of the tortured artist, but he isn’t even deaf, says the real composer, music lecturer Takashi Niigaki

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