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Attorney General calls investigation into San Diego Opera + MORE

It’s the attorney general of the state of California and the question is whether public funds were properly handled during the period when the opera company was stumbling to near-closure. More here.  .... More »
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America’s second opera house announces best results + MORE

The Lyric Opera in Chicago has enjoyed a happy season. Ticket sales rose to $28.8 million, up from $26.6 million in 2013. Of 284,440 tickets sold, 67,485 were purchased by first-timers. Lyric also beat its $23.6 million annual fund-raising goal by $100,000. Anthony Freud, formerly of Welssh Natio.... More »
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Book:Treacherous Bonds and Laughing Fire: Politics and Religion in Wagner's Ring + MORE Nov 25th

For some reason we had thought this fascinating analysis of the Ring was no longer available - although only originally published in 2006. However, it seems we were very much mistaken. Full details below and a more than generous sample also. Treacherous Bonds and Laughing Fire: Politics and Rel.... More »

Kirchschlager Thibaudet Liszt Brahms Wigmore Hall + MORE

A dream team with a dream programme : Angelika Kirchschlager and Jean-Yves Thibaudet at the Wigmore Hall.  Kirchschlager and Thibaudet have been working together from very early on in their careers. Her voice is warm and natural, ideal for Brahms,  He is a superb Liszt interpreter. What co.... More »

Muntendorf + MORE

Simon Cummings, of the invaluable 5:4 blog, has a post on the German composer Brigitta Muntendorf, one of this year's Siemens Composer Prize recipients. Tim Rutherford-Johnson, in response, highlights the video above. Mesmerizing..... More »
From Victoria Paterson: Filling the house for new musicFrom Greg: 
Victoria will explain how she and I happened to meet, and strike sparks from each other. What excited me was the large audience she gets for the American Modern Ensemble, the new music group she runs with her composer husband, Robert Paterson. I fear I can be a broken record on the subject of audience, but I’m not going to stop saying that classical music needs new listeners…

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The other Cendrillon

– briandickie.typepad.com

It is remarkable that the Royal Academy of Music Opera should have managed to field two such excellent casts for their production of Massenet’s Cendrillon this week.  And there is nothing to choose between them – this is not a case of Cast A and B, or Jules and Massenet, – no, it is this cast and the other one…

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Is there any other opera that inspires so much tolerance in the audience as Die Frau ohne Schatten? Everything is so impossibly difficult that one feels even grateful that singers, conductor, director, members of the orchestra et al have agreed to do this possibly for the same fee they would receive for, say, Carmen…  In any case, the Bavarian State Opera can certainly boast to have a new production against which there could be little competition this day…

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Cheers for BB

– jessicamusic.blogspot.com

It’s you-know-who’s birthday today. I wanted to find something to post that is out of the ordinary, but close to my heart. So I’ve hunted down some video – from the Teatro Real, Madrid – of The Little Sweep, the children’s opera that involves major audience participation in some wonderful mass songs…

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Soprano Marti Newland of MELODEON in Complete 'From the Diary of Sally Hemings' (44:54) on YouTubeMarti Newland (YouTube.com)COMPLETE: From the Diary of Sally Hemings, William Bolcom/Sandra Seaton (44:54)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXKjftIR5rs&feature=youtu.be   Artis Wodehouse Published on Nov 19, 2013Soprano Marti Newland and pianist Artis Wodehouse of MELODEON perform live in concert a unique 2001 American musical masterwork written by composer William Bolcom in collaboration with librettist and playwright Sandra Seaton called “From the Diary of Sally Hemings” on Sunday, Nov…

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Renée's Reddit IAmA

– operachic.typepad.com

The Scene: Reddit interwebz The Cast: Renée Fleming and millions of curious Redditors It’s a dichotomy: Young opera singers look…

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Only in New York: Man announces in string quartet recital, ‘I really don’t want to be here’Psychotherapist Dr Gerald Stein witnessed the incident last week at the Kaufmann Concert Hall of the 92nd Street Y. Why would someone do that? He wonders. And then he gives us free analysis. Read on here.

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A selected guide to performances of classical music in the New York area.    

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Conducting, casting are off in Verdi’s classic

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Less cowbell

– parterre.com

Less cowbellAn auction of the meager remains of the bankrupt New York City Opera’s property musical instruments, some bits of scenery and costumes is scheduled for December 12. [New York Times]

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The Village That Benjamin Britten Never LeftThe British seaside village of Aldeburgh is the hub of a substantial industry devoted to the composer, and especially now, during the centenary of his birth.    

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No matter how you slice it, overseeing the development of an opera seems a lot like marshaling forces for the invasion of a small country. Hagen’s recently performed (a fully-staged, “pre-professional” workshop) full-length “opera noir,” A Woman in Morocco is no exception.

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