Ryuichi Sakamoto, Japanese Musician And Activist, Diagnosed With Throat Cancer + MORE


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Semi-Scholarly Summary: Verdi's Macbeth + MORE

As an itinerant scholar, I've recently written a small piece about Verdi's Macbeth. The commissioning body doesn't know what it's unleashed. Among other things, it gave me the idea of starting a series of semi-scholarly summaries here, featuring historical background, colorful an.... More »

Taking them seriouly: Gilbert and Sullivan's The Pirates of Penzance at the London Coliseum. + MORE

Andrew Shore, Soraya Mafi, David Webb and company - ENO - The Pirate of Penzance - photo Tom Bowles Gilbert and Sullivan The Pirates of Penzance; David Webb, Soraya Mafi, Andrew Shore, Ashley Riches, John Tomlinson, Lucy Schaufer, Katie Coventry, Angharad Lyddon, Johnny Herford, dir: Mike Leigh/Sara.... More »

A wonderful consulting moment + MORE

I was having a preliminary session with a possible client. Someone I could really help, but who — and I completely respect this — may not have the money to pay me. This is someone who, like me, has what’s called a portfolio career. He does many things. He’s a performing musician and a compo.... More »

The Female Persona + MORE

A concert at The Forge in Camden on 12 April 2016 focuses on works and music written by, for and about women, with music by Sally Beamish, Robert Schumann, William Bolcom and Francis Poulenc.The Amalie Trio (Catherine Backhouse - mezzo soprano, Alexa Beattie - viola, Elspeth Wyllie - piano) gives t.... More »

Magisterial Bruckner from Haitink and the LSO + MORE

 Bruckner: London Symphony Orchestra, Bernard Haitink (conductor). Barbican Hall, London, 23.10.2014 (MB) Symphony no.8 in C minor (1890 version, ed. Nowak) This was by any standards an impressive performance, although it did not entirely fulfil my (perhaps unreasonable) expectations. Bernard Haiti.... More »
Jurowski Conducts Britten’s “Gay Requiem” in Moscow I was in Russia this week and heard about a remarkable concert earlier in the year, which doesn’t seem to have registered with the Western press. At the start of April, the London Philharmonic gave a performance of Britten’s War Requiemin Moscow under Vladimir Jurowski, a very high profile civic event linked to the year of cultural collaboration between Britain and Russia, and attended by a good number of high level dignitaries…

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TOKYO (AP) — Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto, who shared an Oscar for Bernardo Bertolucci’s “The Last Emperor” score, has been diagnosed with thr…
Read more: Classical Music, Ryuichi Sakamoto Music, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Music, Ryuichi Sakamoto Throat Cancer, Ryuichi Sakamoto Cancer, Yellow Magic Orchestra, Arts News

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Edvard and a Red Card

– minnesota.publicradio.org

A Canadian video-production company put together a video parody that imagines what life would be like if we took dives in everyday activities the way some soccer players do on the pitch. And the music accompanying the action is by Edvard Grieg.

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Contralto-conductor is signed by Warner

– www.artsjournal.com/slippeddisc

Contralto-conductor is signed by WarnerThe French contralto Nathalie Stutzmann, who became a conductor under Seiji Ozawa’s mentorship, has a label deal. Warner has also signed a French harpsichordist. You don’t speak French? Find another label.

Press release:
July 2014 – Warner Classics & Erato are honoured to announce the signing of an exclusive recording contract with one of the most versatile musicians of our time, Nathalie Stutzmann, and with the young French harpsichord sensation Jean Rondeau, who is currently recording his debut album dedicated to Bach…

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The Minnesota Orchestra fills out the rest of its 2014-15 performance schedule by revealing the Live at Orchestra Hall series, its holiday concert offerings, and the family concerts. MPR News Arts Reporter Euan Kerr has the full story.

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  Schubert, Brahms, Dvořák,Gossek, A Panufnik, Vaughan Williams, Ravel, Debussy, Bacevicz: BBC New Generation Artists, Pittville Pump Room, Cheltenham, 8-10.7.2014 9 (RJ0)  Over the last 15 years or so the BBC Radio 3 New Generation Artists Scheme has nurtured around 100  young musicians, including the likes of Natalie Clein (cello), Alina Ibragimova, Alison Balsom (trumpet), the […]

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Lamento - Romina Basso and Latinitas Nostra Lamento, music by Rossi, Carissimi, Strozzi, Monteverdi, Provenzale; Romina Basso, Latinitas Nostra; Naive Reviewed by Robert Hugillon Jul 04 2014 Star rating: 4.5Vividly thrilling exploration of the 17th century Italian lamentoLamento is a new disc from mezzo soprano Romina Basso and Latinitas Nostra on Naive label which puts together five substantial 17th century laments, a genre which was extremely popular in the 17th century…

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Crimea the opera eulogises Moscow's land-grab in musicWarm reception in St Petersburg for show, based on a 1946 Soviet opera, that attempts to cement Russia’s control over regionA patriotic opera in Russia’s second city of St Petersburg has attempted to cement Moscow’s disputed control over Crimea in music at least.Crimea, the opera, is a boisterous new work celebrating the Kremlin’s annexation of the peninsula from Ukraine…

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Met Contract Talk Links

– irontongue.blogspot.com

I’ll put links worth reading here on a rolling basis:Mezzo-soprano Suzanne Mentzer tells you what the stage crew, dressers, hairdressers, and makeup artists do, and why they are so important and well-paid.Michael Cooper (Times) writes about some of the issuesMezzo-soprano Jennifer Rivera tells you about what opera singers make and why.

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The Merola Opera Program begins its 2014 Summer Festival with ‘A Streetcar Named Desire,’ composer André Previn’s adaptation of the Tennessee Williams play. The opera strains to convey the powder-keg atmosphere of the original. It never washes away our memories of Marlon Brando and Vivien Leigh in the 1951 film…

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A critical guide to classical music performances and festivals in the New York City area.

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Johann Sebastian Bach looms over all in LeipzigAlthough famous figures such as Mendelssohn and Schumann also spent time in German town, annual Bach festival is the main event.

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Rich Diversity from Microtones

– www.seenandheard-international.com

 American Festival of Microtonal Music: Soloists, Johnny Reinhard (director, composer, bassoon), Spectrum, New York City. 12-15.4.2014 (AR) Musicians: Johnny Reinhard, bassoon and festival director Vito Ricci, percussion, “wrench guitar” Joshua Levinson, trumpet Joshua Morris, double bass Skip La Plante, homemade instruments Cristian Amigo, guitar Angelos Quetzalcoatl, guitars Richard Carr, violin Anastasia Solberg, viola Michael Hafftka, […]

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