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classical music recital

Moura Lympany plays Henry Litolff’s famous Scherzo. + MORE

There is no doubt that the Henry Litolff’s Scherzo from the Concerto Symphonique, No.4, op.101 is a popular work: it is regularly played on Classic FM often in the recording by Peter Donohoe and the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra conducted by Andrew Litton (Hyperion CDA66889). This includes t.... More »

The youngest music director of an international orchestra? + MORE

Lionel Bringuier was just 26 when he was named music director of Zurich’s Tonhalle. That, however, ended badly. Lahav Shani is 27 on announcement today and will be 28 when he becomes chief of the Rotterdam Philharmonic. Mirga Gražinytė-Tyla, 29, has just taken up the baton in Birmingham.... More »
classical music recital

Entrusted + MORE

Happy 55th birthday President Barack Obama.  //www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmYQbOl3wjI Born on this day in 1875 composer Italo Montemezzi. //www.youtube.com/watch?v=p15N9aacs4I Born on this day in 1884 librettist Béla Balázs. //www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7zqNgta_cw Born on this day in 1908 conductor Ku.... More »
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Met Opera: Guillaume Tell + MORE

Join us at noon on Saturday, March 18, for a broadcast of Rossini's epic telling of the William Tell fable, in its first appearance on the Met Opera stage in over 80 years. Gerald Finley shines in the title role, with a cast that includes Marina Rebeka and Bryan Hymel..... More »

British politicians 'scared to show their faces' at opera + MORE

British politicians are scared to show their faces at the opening night of opera, the Royal Opera House's music director argues.... More »

Where in the US sells the most classical CDs? Texas.

– www.artsjournal.com/slippeddisc

Where in the US sells the most classical CDs? Texas.Last week’s US top-selling classical album was the cellist Zuill Bailey’s release of Britten’s cello symphony.That fact is so striking on so many counts that we decided to do due diligence. After all, Britten is not a best-seller even in England and Bailey is not his foremost interpreter by any length of chalk…

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Opus – the circus meet Shostakovich!

– www.planethugill.com

Opus - the circus meet Shostakovich!An intriguing show starts at the Barbican Theatre on 18 February, when Circa and the Debussy String Quartet present Opus. Circa is a leading Australian circus company and the Debussy String Quartet is a French string quartet formed in 1990 and based in Lyon. At the Barbican the quartet will be playing Shostakovich string quartets, but they will be on-stage whilst whilst fourteen artists from Circa perform dazzling acrobatic artistry around them…

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Joined up planning or simple point-scoring?The South Bank Centre’s expansion was always going to be controversial, after all we’ve had plenty of other attempts to do something with the centre. Fundamentally the trio of buildings is rather intractable, with the Purcell Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall and Hayward Gallery positioned on the assumption that all pedestrians were going to be at podium level…

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By Lydia Tay: 1) Listen to a recording of the piece

Especially important for parts where there is little or no melody. The importance lies in being able to listen to other parts and noticing what they are playing and where you come in during all that. It is important that you have your score in front of you, so that you can also improve on counting rests and such while waiting for your parts…

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SphinxCon: Join Afa Dworkin, Executive and Artistic Director, for an interview with this year's Arthur L. Johnson Award Recipient, Simon Shaheen!Simon Shaheen (Roslyn Duncan)Join us on Friday, February 21st, at 8pm, for the Arthur L. Johnson Memorial Series.The Arthur L. Johnson Memorial Series is made possible by:Tom and Carol Goss and The Skillman Foundation Simon Shaheen performs as guest artist with the  Sphinx Symphony Orchestra!Come see Simon perform his Concerto for Oud and Orchestra…

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Samuel Carl Adams, son of John, survived the hometown baptism of his first violin concerto in a compelling performance by Anthony Marwood

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Royal Opera House's Don Giovanni's revolving set - videoWatch a brief extract from Act 1 of Mozart’s Don Giovanni in the Royal Opera House’s new production directed by Kasper Holten. In this clip, you can see how the palazzo set revolves, here, with the Don and Zerlina

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National Opera goes on strike over pensions

– www.artsjournal.com/slippeddisc

National Opera goes on strike over pensionsIt’s Armenia. A new pension law would leave artists much poorer, so theyve refused to rehearse or perform this week. Tonight’s performance of the opera “Anoush” by A. Tigranian was cancelled with the audience already in the house.    

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In Chicago? Course: The Ring Cycle -  Wagner's Mythic SourcesIllustration Franz StassenTHE RING CYCLE: WAGNER’S MYTHIC SOURCESTaught by Dr. Karl E. H. Seigfried of The Norse Mythology BlogThis course is open to the public. No previous study is necessary.Dr. Seigfried’s new continuing education class on the mythological roots of Richard Wagner’sRing Cycle will debut in early 2014 at Chicago’s Newberry Library…

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Learning to Listen: Gustav Holst's The Planets

– minnesota.publicradio.org

Gustav Holst wrote his epic suite for orchestra, The Planets, from 1914 to 1916. Hear the unique aspects of each movement on Learning to Listen.

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Classical Music Agenda: March 2014

– ionarts.blogspot.com

Half of my top ten concert picks for next month will feature orchestral performances, from both local bands and one visiting one. The rest of the month’s agenda follows after the jump.

It’s vocal music from the National Symphony Orchestra, to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the birth of Richard Strauss…

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Music Review: Danish String Quartet at Alice Tully HallThe Danish String Quartet gave its first performance at Alice Tully Hall, in a show that was so popular an encore event was added for Monday.    

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Wagner Madness Repeats Itself In London: 1839 & 2014London Docks: 1839″We were on board a merchant vessel of the smallest type. She was called the Thetis; a bust of the nymph was erected in the bows, and she carried a crew of seven men, including the captain. With good weather, such as was to be expected in summer, the journey to London was estimated to take eight days…

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